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The Lump

My body made a

mistake, and maybe I

should forgive it

because at one time we

knew each other, we 

had an agreement, we 

carried one another, 

begrudging as it was,

always heavy, but I had

to do it, couldn't stand

myself if I didn't, and

sometimes when it

rained the legs stopped

working, and I said

alright, said that's okay,

I'll lug you around just

the same, and I

complained but I always

did it, I always did what

I felt I had to do, but

now it hurts too much

to drag the whole thing

across the room, and I

think now, finally, it

might be time to make

it clear, there's you, and 

there's me, right there,

see it there, that's the

line in the sand.

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